Mortgage Pre-Approval

Mortgage Pre-ApprovalUnlike pre-qualification, a pre-approval is based on your specific financial situation and lets you know  what you can afford.

Not only will pre-approval help you understand which homes to consider, it will give any prospective seller more confidence in your ability to obtain a mortgage. If you end up bidding on the same house as another buyer, your mortgage credit approval might even be the deciding factor in getting your offer accepted.

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Weichert Gold ServicesOne-Stop Shopping

Even with a signed contract in hand, there’s still a lot to deal with before the house you found can become the home you live in. Through Weichert Gold Services*, we can take most of the details out of your hands and into ours, smoothly streamlining the delivery of mortgage financing, home insurance, title insurance, and even vital home connections services to save you time and make the transition easier.

Same Day Credit Decision

You can get a same-day credit decision!

The Weichert Gold® Services Manager who will handle your pre-approval is a financial expert serving your local Weichert office. He or she will help you determine the monthly payment you’re comfortable with and provide you with a mortgage credit decision before you shop for your home. In fact, by using basic information such as your income, debt, assets, and employment history, your Weichert Gold Services Manager is generally able to get you a credit decision within minutes. A Credit Approval Guarantee will specify the actual loan amount, as well as the loan type and term. The approval is subject to an acceptable appraisal of the home you eventually purchase.

Mortgage Options

You’ll have many financing options to choose from.

As part of the process, your Gold Services Manager will help you determine which type of loan best fits your situation. Weichert Financial Services offers approximately 300 different types of mortgages, so you’re sure to find the one that’s best for you. Ask all the questions you like so that you clearly understand what your financing options are. While you probably won’t need to consider more than a few, you should at least compare the advantages of a fixed rate mortgage with an adjustable one. In addition to mortgage financing, the homeowner’s insurance and title insurance necessary to complete your home purchase are also part of our Gold Services.