Walk through-closing and moving in to your new home

Walk Through & Closing

A final walk-through gives you one last opportunity to make sure that the home you’re purchasing is in the condition that you and the seller mutually agreed to in the sales contract.

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The Final Walk-Through

The final “walk-through” is typically scheduled within 24 hours of the closing/settlement. Should a problem arise during the walk-through, Lisa Povlow, your Weichert Sales Associate will contact the seller’s representative to let him or her know what the deficiency is. If the seller accepts responsibility, money for the repairs can be allocated to you at the closing/settlement. If the seller does not agree to the repairs, your Sales Associate will act as the go-between to help you and the seller reach a satisfactory compromise so that the closing is not delayed.


When the closing/settlement day arrives, be sure to bring:

  1. A certified check for the closing/settlement costs
    (your mortgage lender or attorney will advise you beforehand)
  2. Your homeowners’ policy
  3. Photo identification
  4. Your checkbook for any miscellaneous costs that may come up

You’ll sign the mortgage and many other documents, adjustments will be made for such items as property taxes, the seller will be paid, and you will receive the title or deed and the keys to your new home. Be prepared to sign your name over and over again, but when you’re done, it’s time to celebrate – you’re ready to move into your new home!