Click the links below for invaluable assistance in quickly calculating the finances involved in buying a home:


Prequalification Calculator
Determine what level of income lenders will expect you to be making to qualify for a certain loan amount.

Mortgage Payment Calculator
Compute the payment for a given loan amount and interest rate.

Rent Vs. Own Calculator
Compare your investment in a house versus renting and investing the difference.

Create an Amortization Schedule
Enter principal, interest, number of payments and compounding method and the program will create a schedule for you.

Mortgage Pre-approval
Start the pre-approval process so you can shop for a home with confidence.

Loan Programs
Hundreds of loan products to choose from!

Weichert Gold Services
Provides a full spectrum of home services available before, during and after you buy or sell a home. View the products and services available to you through this time and money savings program.

Lending Process
Our experienced processors and underwriters complete the streamlined loan process by receiving your property appraisal.

Title Insurance
Reliably handling this vital step in virtually every home purchase.

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